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Discover what you can do with Onzane in your Neighborhood Community


It allows you to manage the cycle of Community incidents centrally.

Neighbors, Community workers and the Administrator can create incidents. The Administrator and Community Staff can manage them and assign them to workers, external Providers or insurers.


Send announcements to neighbors, who will receive push notifications on their mobile phone instantly.

You can attach images or documents to complete the information.

You can group properties and send communications only to a certain group.


Manage the Community's document repository, organizing its documents in folders as you want.

You can define private documents that only certain neighbors will be able to see. And all without space limits.


The problem of reservations of common areas resolved in an automated way.

Multiple schedules, blocking dates, shared reservations, facilities with resources, cancellation notices, payment per reservation, deposit, reservation lists in facilities with capacity, maximum reservations per property or days in advance of reservation. There is no other more flexible.

Payments in the app

It allows residents to make online card and/or offline payments at the expense of the community fee.

To make reservations, for community payments, and for anything that needs payment. Neighbors have a virtual wallet that they can use to pay whatever is required.

We integrate with payments of:


Access control

Integration with electronic locks for automated access to common facilities.

For example, to access the garage or the paddle tennis court only when you have a reservation.

We integrate with products from:

Watchman Door
iotsama by Doelectric

Vehicle management


It allows neighbors to update the license plates of their vehicles autonomously.

We integrate with garage access systems with license plate reading cameras to automate door opening.


Get your neighbors' opinions on community issues easily and publicly.

Possibility of different types of responses, and also different reach among neighbors.


Defines the employees who work for the Community with specific functionalities for their access to the app.

For example, the concierge can manage the packages that arrive for neighbors, or the maintenance staff could manage incidents.

Common budgets

Manages the community purchasing cycle, allowing neighbors to participate in their decisions.

Neighbors can contribute their offers and can also see the others, obtaining a transparent process.

Usual procedures

Solve those procedures that neighbors usually need, such as changing the community account, requesting permits or requesting certificates.

Neighbors will know the status of the process and will receive a notification when it has been resolved.

Custom procedures

Allows you to create personalized procedures tailored to the Community. It is like automating any process that is now manual or analog.

For example, we have created a personalized procedure with which neighbors can request vats for pruning waste, and the management company can control and notify their installation and collection.

Community forum

Avoid endless messaging groups and get an organized and useful space for neighbors.

Allows neighbors to communicate without revealing private data. They can add images and documents to exchange, but always maintaining privacy.

Parcel management

Allows neighbors to have someone in charge of receiving packages and notify them when they are not in the Community.

Neighbors will receive push notifications to their mobile when the package arrives and when they pick it up. You can even add a photo.

Neighborhood groups


Define neighborhood groups that allow collaboration between their members.

They can be Community work groups or, for example, you can create a group for the Governing Board that allows them to share documents and communicate with each other privately.


Neighbors will have quick access to all the contacts of interest to them.

Telephone numbers, addresses, contracts, policies... all the useful information on your mobile phone updated.

Events and reminders

It allows you to define events in the Community and notify neighbors in advance. Also through notification to their mobile phones.

All neighbors can see their notices on the main screen of the app, to always have them in mind.

Financial information *

It allows neighbors to know the financial situation of the community and also that of their property.

Something everyone wants to know, solved easily and with access from anywhere.

Complete messaging

Contacting the administrator or president of the community is easy, fast and is recorded.

Instant and complete messages with attached documents, and push notifications.

Suppliers and repairers

Community maintenance providers can use our application for incident management via the web for free.

Repairers who come to the Community to solve incidents can use the app to update their status or provide information and/or photographs.

Self-management or control

It can be defined whether each owner can assign the neighbors who live in their property independently, including their tenants, or whether the neighbor assignments are made only from the control panel.

There are three profiles of neighbors (owners, cohabitants and tenants) who have different permits.

Tenant control

The Community defines tenant permissions at a global level.

Owners could assign and unassign tenants to their properties autonomously if so defined.


Defines groups of properties as if they were parts of a Commonwealth.

It allows you to carry out specific actions on groups of neighbors and share resources between everyone. It functions organizationally as a Commonwealth, but uses a single Community account.

Concierge log

Maintains control of the concierge log where all day-to-day events are recorded.

In Communities with concierges or doormen, they can keep the concierge log through the app or the control panel, reflecting all the Community's affairs in it.

Multi language

Both the neighbors app and the control panel can be displayed in different languages.

  • SpanishSpanish
  • EnglishEnglish
  • FrenchFrench
  • CatalanCatalan
  • BasqueBasque
  • GallegoGallego

Time zones

Manage communities in different time zones.

It allows the definition of the time zone of each Community and adapts the dates and times conveniently.


Neighbors receive notifications on their mobile phones in real time, both push and email.

They themselves define in the app what type of notifications they want to receive and by what means.

Maximum privacy

No personal data of the neighbors is publicly exposed in the app.

In order to access the app, the only personal information needed is the neighbor's email.

Integrations with third parties

We have an API for integrations with third-party services.

You can sync information, send notifications, or use the information in your apps.

* These features will be available according to our Roadmap

Questions about our features

If you do not find the answer to your questions below, please contact us

App customization

There are several forms of customization. From adding an image with the community logo, to changing its colors to fit your image. You can also customize the functionalities and certain permissions.

Sure, we can create any functionality you may need that doesn't currently exist. You just have to contact us to see how to fit it into our development process.

Of course, our app is alive, you can even see in our roadmap what we are working on and what we will work on in the future to improve our app every day.

They are procedures that we develop tailored for a Community, because they need something very exclusive that only they use and they want to do it from the app.

Privacy & Security

Of course. Our application is defined in accordance with the European GDPR legislation. We offer a data protection contract in accordance with it, indicating the Data Controller and the means used to protect them.

Appropriate security means have been used both in the definition and in its development. The use of secure communication protocols, data encryption and the performance of security tests are some of the measures implemented.

To use the application, each neighbor must have at least one email account to access the app, and provide their name and surname for control by the administrator.

No, the application allows you to use anonymous modes in certain sections of the app. Not even the community forum shows the neighbor's data, except for their generic avatar and their property within the community.

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