Onzane's Changelog

Here you can see our changelog or record of the changes made in Onzane, both in the control panel and in the app.

Payment Transactions Functionality

November 28, 2023

New feature

Payment transactions

From the control panel you can view the payment transactions made by the neighbors, both payments, refunds and refills of their wallets. Reports can also be generated for use in accounting.

Incident classification

It is now possible to classify incidents in three independent ways: their visibility, their type and their category. The types and categories have been defined and can be defined from the control panel. For now the utility is for statistics, but it will be improved with the future supplier management system, so that incident management can be automated.

Edit Incident Functionality

November 9, 2023

New feature

Edit Incident Functionality for Staff

Community employees have the Edit Incident functionality at their disposal, with which they can conveniently update them, changing their status and adding information and documents to their different status phases. Thus, for example, maintenance personnel can be directly responsible for resolving incidents that affect them using the app in the field.

Fixed small bugs

Thanks to our clients' reports, we have solved small errors in the user interface of the app and the control panel, in the Procedures, Reservations and Surveys areas.

Electronic accesses

October 6, 2023

New feature

Setting up Electronic Access with Watchman Door

It is now possible to define electronic access from the manufacturer Watchman Door with which we integrate to be able to make opening and closing actions of Community facilities. For example, we can open the garage door from the app, or open the door to the Meeting Room if we have a prior reservation for it.
Watchman Door

Announcements with rich text format

To create the text of the announcements that are sent to neighbors, a rich text editor can be used, which ensures that it is displayed correctly in the app and that email notifications are sent in Html format.
New feature

New notices on the home screen

Notices are displayed on the app's Home screen in case we have unread communications or messages. Thus, in addition to the push notification received, these notices continue to be displayed when entering the app. In the lists of communications and messages, those that are unread are marked with a different color.

Improved reserves

September 29, 2023


Definition of cancellation period

It is possible to define the cancellation minutes for reservations, so that they cannot be canceled before said minutes and the reservation is considered consumed, even if it had an associated cost.
New feature

New Make Reservations for Staff functionality

Community Staff can make reservations on behalf of neighbors, for example when they do not have the app installed or when they are older or inexperienced and do not want to use it. This way they can continue using the in-person booking method.
Control Panel

Last accesses

Control panel administrators can see their user's last accesses to the control panel. A way to improve its security.

Customized functionalities and procedures

September 18, 2023


Definition of procedures

It is possible to define the procedures that neighbors can request through the app. It is also possible to add personalized procedures for any need of the Community.

Definition of functionalities

Now you can define Community Staff roles and add custom roles tailored to each community to automate any community process.

Types of facilities

September 7, 2023

New feature

Creation of new facilities

Three types of common facilities have been configured to differentiate between those that must be reserved, those whose access must be controlled and those for which permissions must be assigned.

Staff definition

July 15, 2023

New feature

Community staff management

Now it is possible to manage the staff hired by the Community to perform common services: Security, Concierge, Maintenance, Cleaning, etc. Staff can access the Onzane app and perform certain functions specifically permitted for them.

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