Onzane Roadmap

Here you can see our Onzane development roadmap. These are the features we are currently working on and will be adding in the future.

If there's a feature you'd like us to prioritize, we'd love to hear from you! We count all requests to create our roadmap to make sure we're building the right things. Be sure to take a look at the changelog before submitting your request.


Characteristic Category Estimated date
Task management Employees No date
Voting Module Voting No date
Implementation of Pre-Reservation system Facilities No date
AI for translation of Communications Communications April 2024
Definition of Neighbor Groups Global April 2024
Vehicle management Access Completed (March 2024)
Definition of Deposit in the reservation of facilities Facilities Completed (March 2024)
Supplier Management Incidents Completed (February 2024)
Concierge log Employees Completed (February 2024)
Assignment of incidents to users and employees Incidents Completed (January 2024)
Property Sets for Commonwealths Global Completed (January 2024)
Incident Classification Incidents Completed (November 2023)
Payment transactions report Payments Completed (November 2023)
Opening of facilities with QR code Facilities Completed (November 2023)
Configuration of electronic access with the first manufacturer Facilities Completed (October 2023)
Definition of Reservation Cancellation Period Facilities Completed (September 2023)
Facilities with electronic access Facilities Completed (September 2023)
Employees and roles Employees Completed (July 2023)
Parcel management Employees Completed (July 2023)

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